Socket Bone Grafting

Socket bone grafting, or Socket Conversion, is a procedure to maintain or increase the amount of remaining jawbone following removal of a tooth at the time of the Extraction. If the plan is to replace the lost tooth with a Dental Implant this procedure is critical. Following the removal of the tooth, the socket is thoroughly cleaned. Next the socket is filled with a combination of bone graft and biologic material, such as PRP/PRF, and covered with a barrier membrane to promote maintenance or growth of remaining jawbone.  

This will require 4+ months of healing and an updated 3D X-Ray to plan your Dental Implant. In certain ideal situations, a tooth can be Extracted and a Dental Implant can be placed right away with a Socket Bone Graft. This would be considered an Immediate Implant Placement. A period of 4+ months of healing would still be required before your dentist could place the final restoration/crown on your implant.