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LANAP® Laser Periodontal Surgery

The LANAP® Protocol offers a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgery and sutures by utilizing specialized lasers and techniques to remove bacteria from periodontal pockets in the gum tissue.

Tartar and plaque on the tooth surfaces can harbor bacteria, allowing for the development of gingivitis. Gingivitis, or gum disease, can cause uncomfortably swollen or bleeding gums and may progress into a gum infection known as periodontitis. This gingival infection can create periodontal pockets that separate teeth from the surrounding gum and bone structure. If left untreated, this condition will lead to tooth loss.

To repair the damage, Dr. Ferrin will clean the infection out of the gum tissues and then be seal the pockets to prevent new germs from invading the gums. Once achieved through gum surgery and stitches, the LANAP® Protocol can accomplish the same procedures while minimizing trauma to the gum tissue, providing a more comfortable treatment for the patient than traditional methods, and significantly reducing healing time.

Steps of the LANAP® Protocol

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Periodontal probe indicates excessive depth.


PerioLase MVP-7 Laser energy vaporizes bacteria, diseased tissue pathologic proteins and alerts the doctor to the presence of tarter.


Ultrasonic Scaler and specialized tips are used to remove root surface tartar and calculus.


Bone is modified at time of surgery and Laser Tissue Regeneration initiated.


PerioLase MVP-7 Laser is used to form a gel-clot containing stem cells from bone and soft tissue collagen.


Adherence of the stem cells, RBCs, and ridges to a clean root surface, with a stable fibrin clot to create a "closed system."


Bite trauma is adjusted.


Periodontal tissue regeneration occurs. 

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